Lift Foils eFoil on sale

Hi guys,

summer is coming. We have now plenty of stock in our warehouse in Berlin. If you are looking for an eFoil now is a good time to get ready for spring.

Visit our shop at:


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The season is open again for test rides in Berlin. Book your session at:

And of course we also do local support for our customers and have spare parts available.

Do you ship to Croatia?

How long would it take?

Hi Duke,

Yes, we ship worldwide within 7 days.


The factories in the USA are currently closed due to the corona virus. eFoils are still on stock, but this could change in May.

Fly before you buy session from today. Look at him, he did fly just after 5 minutes and it was his first time on an eFoil. (But he did have foiling experience behind the boat). Nice job anyways!

I would love to have one so much …

Hi @EasySurfer,

Just come by and pick it up. We have Sport and Cruiser models on stock :wink:


I am just a minute before to buy one, but it is a lot of money. I heard you may run out of stock because the battery provider out of California is shut down because of COVID-19?

Hi @Duke, yes it is true that the battery factory is closed. So far we are still good and have stock. If the factory opens again in June we should be just fine. The @Lift team has done a great job to order in time.

Hi there,

We were sold out for 1.5 weeks, but now new stock has arrived. We can ship again right after your order.

Summer is on!

Do you lower the price due to now 16% VAT in Germany?

Yes, we do. The website still claims 19%, but we will charge less (divide by 1,19 and multiply by 1,16). Now is a good time to buy!

You guys have batteries in stock in Europe but they’re backordered 3-4 weeks in the US?

This is correct, but these were ordered weeks ago. We get new products every 2 weeks.

We have still boards on stock.

Take advantage of the currently 16% VAT in Germany. The price in the shop will be reduced (divide by 1,19 and multiply by 1,6):


We updated our shop to 13,999 EUR to reflect the current USD exchange rate and the 16% VAT in Germany.

Lift Foils eFoil on sale! e3 carbon fiber with large battery starting at 11.499 EUR incl. 19% VAT. Back wing starting from 100 EUR and much more …