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Lift Foils eFoil tutorial: Battery Safety and Best Practices

Good overview about how you should handle your battery from CEO and founder Nick Leason:

thank you. were there cases of fire in lift foils batteries?

I am not aware of any fires, but software updates are very normal with any electric device which has software running. There are always things to improve.

Regarding the Zarge box, extra safety can never hurt and it becomes also a request from insurances for yacht owners to store (any) high energy batteries in such fireproof boxes.

Having just watched the video, a question: Should one limit the amount of riding in a day? Meaning, is it likely to ultimately shorten battery life if one was to ride 3 or 4 times a day, vs. twice a day?
Additionally, how many rides should one expect from a battery before it “gives out?”
Thank you.

Hi @bfoiler,

The following is actually true for all lithium ion batteries. The battery life time is limited by charging cycles. Usually a few hundred charges.

3-4 times a day should be no problem, but let the battery cool down for at least an hour in a cool environment before you charge it again. Otherwise you may reduce the amount of charging cycles.

I hope this helps

it’s a nice life to have floating on lift for 3-4 hours each day :slight_smile: