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Lift Foils LINK Rental App

Whether you’re a rookie or a foiling pro, you’re part of the club with this free iOS and Android app. Welcome!

Learn how to fly and eFoil :sunglasses:

Efoil rentals worldwide on demand in the palm of your hand through the app www.linkaffiliateapp.com

Come fly with us!

Why doesn’t Lift have any sort of affiliate or referral program for individuals?

When I was riding a rental efoil I got stopped every 30 seconds by someone who wanted to know more about it, but I have no reason to say anything more than “It’s an efoil, see ya later!”

Difficult in an offline world, I guess. Will be thinking about that a bit. I have been handing out business cards when I ride - waterproof ones of course.

Sorry, I had no time yet to publish the video. But there is one from Lift at Vimeo: