LIFT3 aka eFoil e3

Stronger, lighter and faster. The latest Lift Foils eFoil is now available. Shipping early April 2021. New materials, new electronics and from June 2021 a premium model called e3 Elite.

The e3 Elite will have a complete new advanced remote control, a new propeller, a new bag as well as a new app.

Looks great, looking forward to ride it. I want to make some more lift content this year, I already made 10000 videos about Fliteboard which may look like I am affiliated (which is not true) and it’s interesting to compare it and ride more Lift. :+1:

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More info on the e3:

The LIFT3 Elite hand controller looks awesome. When will it be available?

they say in June elite features will be available


In our comparison table you state weights for each generation. For what board size are these weights, and do they include the battery, mast and wings?

Could you list exactly what’s different from V2? Do we still have water cooling? Same amount of connectors? It would be great to compare V2 vs V3. I saw old Lift 3 years ago so I don’t remember well what was there compared to new one.

p.s. The full V3 weight is 62-63lbs total with battery not 49lbs according to developers. 49 seems incorrect number sent in press release.
Also old Lift was also 29kg which sounds same as new lift.

Information is coming in slowly. I hope to have the first boards next week to test it myself. Yes, water-cooling. Yes, same connectors. Main difference seems to be a new shape of the board and a new material of the board. Stay tuned for further updates.

It seems Lift has now shipping times of 6+ weeks for the e3 boards and e2 boards are sold out.

Anyone still new e2 boards on stock?

We have two e2 Cruiser and one e2 Sport (all from 2021) left. Send me a note through following form:

I take delivery of a V3 tomorrow. Very excited.
When I was looking to buy (2.5 weeks ago) there were several retailers that still had v2 available.
But they weren’t discounted any…
Delivery from factory is stated at 8 weeks now, and that’s gotta be iffy with the awful shipping situation.

See the product demo from Cannes Yachting Festival here:

Has anyone heard anything on the Elite controller. I LOVE my eFoil, ready to upgrade my remote.

I suppose it will not come before May/June 2022

Lift Foils are on sale for limited stock. Save 1.000 EUR if your are quick …