Lift3F - New Fiberglass boards!

Meet the newest member of our family and enjoy endless rides starting at $9,995

I am starting miss some innovation with Lift Foils. They didn’t touch any of the electronics or propulsion since 2018. Same battery (yeah, there is now a smaller one), same hand controller, same propulsion, same battery same huge ESC with plenty of cables.

Basically the e3 and the new e3 F are eFoils on the technical stand from 2017/2018.

I wish they would come up with something more than just more wings and more shapes or I guess they will loose their leadership if they didn’t already.

I talked to LIFT about it and that is not that easy… While other companies enjoyed looking at their platform and working from it, improving based on it and design their own, Lift had nothing when they started and they had to do everything from scratch. That’s why next step takes years.

I think Lift is doing an excellent job of innovating, especially concentrating on improvements that matter, and not wasting effort on things that don’t.

For the e3 they did great with changing the board shape to allow a smaller board to handle a larger person. They also did great with the improvements on the carbon fiber, allowing for a stronger and lighter board. Lowering board weight and reducing board size is important for ride enjoyment.

They tweaked the motor to make it quieter and a little stronger.

They have given us updates to the controller, going from 3, to 4, and finally to 15 governor settings. They also made the throttle over 10 times as accurate, leading to better power control while ridding. All without needing to change the controller hardware. Sharing these updated with e1 and e2 owners, not requiring us to purchase new controllers.

They have a great design, keeping the ECU separate from the mast and motor. Far superior than combining them. If you have a motor or ECU failure, you don’t have to pay to replace both.

And there innovation with the wings is awesome. That is what really matters, probably the single most important aspect of foiling. Not to mention that I can use all my e-foil wings on my prone board. With a Lift mast, I can use my lift foils not just with Lift prone and wing boards, but with many other manufacturers foil boards. Something I have not seen with any of the competitors.

I’m guessing they have done there market research, I find it interesting that they decided to go down market with a cheaper fiberglass board and smaller battery, before going up market with there Elite. I’m guessing that’s where there seeing the most demand, or competition, right now.