Lift4 - can puerto rico's efoil catch up?

Today Lift announced the new LIFT4. Is it really worthwhile a new model number?

I might be biased due to my history with Lift, but tried to keep it objective. I still think they are leading in wave riding, but the lack of innovation compared to others is frustrating in my opinion.

Any thoughts?

I think they are stuck with the old platform now for 4th time because if you change the platform, the new one will not be reverse compatible for the old clients.

They address the battery safety and redesigned the battery from what I see which is a great sign. I hoped they would introduce the jet option like other brands but maybe later… The lack of basic features like a good app, gps tracking of rides etc (that’s available now in many brands) is also disappointing. The fact that Lift4 uses the same huge controller box like version 1 which for sure adds a lot of unnessessary weight is also disappointing. However those things are impossible to change unless the whole platform is changed but that will not be reverse compatible and I think that limits Lift from progressing

Else it’s just like Iphone. the same iphone is re-released every year, it’s like a tradition now, I lost count and don’t even know or care what model my iphone is. they all look the same to me by now :slight_smile:


It is a pity to see the former market leader promoting the old stuff as new. If it needs a new platform, so what?

You can’t stand still in this industry. Just my 2 cents …

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The innovation takes a lot of investments, we cant even imagine how much money companies like Fliteboard are investing in it. Changing the platform would also mean all the production process and machinery has to be redesigned to produce the new models, it’s a huge switch. I am sure they will come up with the new platform in future but it takes time. The industry is just starting so it’s still for anyone to grab the leadership!

I was hoping a new remote would have been introduced. Maybe it’s still coming soon for a upgrade option.

Lift4 Battery is a Real Problem for overheating and ride time. I’m seeing 30 minutes only – NOT 2.5 hours. And, when it overheats ~60c, the unit shuts down and won’t run. Swim time!! I have the 4.2 board with the 160 camber front and rear 38 surf. Lift replaced the mast/motor and ebox. Same results. They told me “buy larger fins and ride slower”. I’m super disappointed in Lift and think they have a design problem as I’m drawing 55amps when riding. If you do the math, that’s about 30 minutes with the 2.1kWh battery.

Anyone else seeing this?

No, and that’s not normal. Ours has never overheated. It’s water cooled, why would it overheat? Something bad with your motor I think. We get 80-100 minutes ride time. 3 y/o board/battery.

Fliteboard has patents which are blocking Lift from copying certain key features (such as the cooling system that doesn’t need water line hoses).

Surge has fanbois status that prevents him from saying ANYTHING positive about any board other than FLITEBOARD.

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I just call it like I see it, my friend. And as I see it, Lift just keeps falling further and further behind – or more accurately: Fliteboard just keeps killing it with innovative new products, while Lift doesn’t do much.
As I’ve always said: if Lift were at least 25% less expensive - great! But at the same price?! No way.

Yep you call it like a Fanboi for sure.
Dream on with your fliteboi fantasies.
Lets see Aluminum mast, oh wait, copied LIft and finally carbon fiber. After how many years? How much extra $. You got wing choices after how many years? ROTFLMAO
You goofballs crack me up. LOL
Anyone with a functioning brain can see Lift has innovated EVERYTHING and Flite has copied everything.
The end.

All, please calm down. Different people have different boards and like them. Let’s keep peace :wink:

I have ridden many brands and currently own Lift, Audi and Flite. Everybody has to make his own choice.

:smiley: No comparison between the Japanese F1 supplier of the carbon mast and board in the Marc Newson Foil and the Lift foil. When you see the carbon in the Fliteboard MN line, you will understand.

Why doesn’t Lift use the simple cooling system of the Fliteboard? Oh wait, because FB patented it.

I am calling out Lift as an unbiased consumer for a lack of innovation - at the same price point of Fliteboard. Hopefully someone at Lift reads this and will get on it…

wow you guys took these totally unnecessary brand fights to the next level :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

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Lifts cooling is PASSIVE, water flows through the tubes from the board moving through the water. NO pumps, no mechanism. it’s the simplest (best) solution. Maybe try a clue. :wink:
I’ve never seen such product bs spouted by so many that know so little.
This side of Tesla, Flitebois rule the web responses!

It’s the simplest solution?! That’s laughable.
Yup, it sure looks like it!


Setting up a Lift takes the same time as setting up a Fliteboard.

Come on guys lets keep the peace. It is enough wars in the world. Sweden is still cold and I can’t wait to get out on the water. Have a good weekend you’ll.

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