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LiftFoil Electric Box won't turn on

Have my LiftFoils efoil 5’4. LOVE my efoil, but just had my first problem after about 70 rides. Power button won’t come on on the electrical box. No blue light, no sound, no connection to remote. Battery is fully charged and working fine. Have removed, cleaned and dried all cables. All connections seem solid. Thought about opening electrical box, but this may void the warranty. Tried a battery reset by holding down for 5-10 seconds. Out of options. Have reached out to LiftFoils, but thought I would also try this forum.

I am having the same issue. I did open the electrical box as there is a 9volt battery in there that I thought may need replacement. I replaced the battery and now getting a blue light, however when connecting the main battery, the blue light turned off. Upon further review it looks like water got into the box and one of the connectors to the push button corroded off. I have a call into Lift, but so much for a watertight unit.

Hmmmm. Thanks for the response. That is making me want to open the box, just paranoid that this will give them an excuse to not honor the warranty. I definitely think this is what happened to mine. I always ride in salt water, do a good job of cleaning it out every time. The button stuck a little bit the last time and then wouldn’t power on. I tried to call on the weekend with no answer, so I opened a case. I’ll keep you updated on my case, hope you will do the same.

Here’s what I discovered once opening the motor control unit.

As you can see corrosion at the push button connector, causing one of the connectors to break off. Also, corrosion detected at the terminal connector (to the PCB). Lastly there are 2 desiccant packs in the box used for moisture adsorption. Both packets were saturated indicating a water entry point somewhere (I suspect at the push button). Case into Lift, I will fill update the remedy

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@cbarwick hang in there, I’ve found them to be pretty responsive. In fact, I discussed my technical issue as posted on this board and they Fedex’d the replacement part next day. Try contacting George at Lift, he’s been A+++!

George Rodriguez
Technical Support
Lift Foils 1 (787)609-6198
[email protected]

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You are right, I just heard from George. Maybe I’m just a little inpatient as I opened my case on a Saturday, and not being able to get someone live had me worried. And I love my Lift eFoil so much, I can’t wait to get back in the water. George was super helpful, no water had gotten into the electronics box at all. Everything appears to be working perfect now.

Problem 100% solved, super happy LiftFoils customer !!! Now if only we didn’t have an oil spill keeping me from getting in the water.

Yeah, George just helped me out with my issue with a battery fault. Just wondering what was your issue? What was the fix?