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Loawai electric jetboard

I still need to get used to the new name, but here is the new logo …

curf renamed itself? why?

I have heard there was a trademark issue with another product.

Hi Andreas. Im planning to buy a Carver X board.
I have 90 kg and I think I need a more stable board. Thats why I choose this.
Do you see any issues with Carver X quality or other issue why I should not make such a choise.
I would be very greatful for your advice since it is a big investment.
Regards Björn.

This is a little bit off topic here in the Loawai category, but yes, the Carver X is a good board. For better recommendations fill out our buying guide at: https://e-surfer.com/en/electric-surfboard-buying-guide/

Hi Andreas. Did you recive my inquiry?

No, I did not receive a request through the buying guide from from you.

In case you missed the whole story about LOAWAI: https://e-surfer.com/en/loawai-e-jetboard/

Nice video: