Looking for easily detachable propulsion

Hi all. I just found and joined this forum. I SUP surf and am looking for an easily mountable/demountable propulsion system that can help me get to surf breaks about 1.5miles from my entrance point. I am picturing something that could strap around the board with the sort of tie downs that you would use on a roof rack or other tool-less mounting. I would use the motor to get me to the break, take it off and leave it on the shore, surf for a while, and then put it back on to get home. I would probably buy the equipment in USA but would bring it down to Mexico so it would be good if the battery or batteries can be brought on an airplane.

I have done some searching and looked at various products. So far, the Scubajet look promising. I would probably build my own mounting system using a second finbox and straps as I don’t want to change fins out at the breaks. Most any of the finbox type motors would/could work with some adapting. I would love some recommendations . Maybe someone is already making a mounting system that straps on or mounts/demounts without tools.

Some of the other guys down here in Punta Mita have small inflatable boats with small gas motors to get out to the breaks. Those look to cost around $7000US all up. I don’t really want a boat if I can find the right propulsion system for my SUP.

This is only to get to the surf. I would not be using it while actually surfing.

scubajet detachable motor surfboard

I would not recommend to use Scubajet in waves. It’s very heavy and you will lose it right away in the first wave/ wipeout. This system is great but it’s done for flat SUP experience not for surf.

Check Boostfin it’s much more promising for SURF and lightweight.

Thanks for the reply. I would not be using the motor during actual surfing. I would only be using it to travel about 1.5 miles from the ocean access point to the surf break. I would take the motor system off and leave it on the shore. That is why I need something that can attach and remove without tools. The shoreline near the surf breaks is private land so we can’t access the ocean there. I will look at Boostfin though

In such case then Scubajet is ok , you can leave it on the beach

other than cost, it looks very good. Batteries are sized for flying but modular so you can build up a decent size pack.

Soon you can get this electric fin for SUP`s. There could as well be a future concept for a boosted one that could reach 8km/h…
We estimate to be it in stock in Spring 2022 for 699€
Your efoilshop.de Team

where is the battery ? can you make similar to Boost Fin ?

Are you trying to reach Bahia, el faro or la lancha by water? I am trying find a cost effective solution myself.

It is in the fin itself and las about 30mins… It`s similar to boostfin but it can run continiously and it has a paddle assist function too!

There is another cost effective system coming soon for only 399€,.
Check it out:
www.Waydoo.one subnadoo underwater scooter