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Looking for old style Carver battery


I am looking for an old style Craver battery with the T-bar type locking handle on the top rather than the new pack design. Does anyone know where I can get one or does anyone have a second hand one available for sale?

Thanks Matt

Why are you looking for that? I have two, but I sometimes use the second and would have to buy a new one. Just for the design?

Hi Matt, what is the difference between old and new?
The Carver battery with four fixtures, one in each corner, is it new or old?
Please advice me.

I’ve recently sent both my batteries to reinforce. Both received a complete new cover and electronics (only battery cells left) and a metal T-handle (the older one was still plastic), but they are now 2 kg heavier and I have a problem getting surf to planning. Stupid degradation of the surfboard.

I see that the new batteries have gone up but nothing has changed on its capacity. This 1.5 kWh battery weighs 14 kg and the Jetsurf Electric 3.0 kWh battery weighs only 18 kg. Something is wrong.

What is the advantage of the changes?

Thanks for the reply. It was just for the design I have found one now thanks.

Out of interest why did you send the old ones back was there a problem?

Advantage of the changes? Improved new impact resistant housing (IP68 certified), Independent and replaceable locking mechanism, anti slide blocks, new display with improved blue LED visibility for bright environments and new electronics and firmware. Your cells will be the same.

Looks like the newest type with the new display (I don’t have) completely missing the side handle, so carrying the battery over a longer distance will be a nice horror.

The official price for the upgrade would be 600€ (if battery is out of warranty,) and Onean offers for early adopters this upgrade for only 150€ (S&H not included - for me cca 2 x 100€). Total weight 14 kg.

I had a problem still under warranty with water leaking under the foil into the lock mechanism area, because the foil had not been backed up anymore, and its stuck edges did not hold the rider’s weight and detached.