Looking for Onean battery charger replacement

I’m looking for a working battery charger for my carver x batteries. Both my chargers intermittently charge my batteries.

Alternatively does anyone know of an alternative charger?



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When my original charger died 4 years ago, I bought this on Aliexpress for US$155.00: 900W 48V 12S Li-ion charger Ouput 50.4V 15A lithium-ion charger.

It serves me reliably to this day. I just had to connect the original charging cable through the junction box.
Unlike the original, this one is much quieter. It only runs the cooling fan occasionally.

Link to the current product here.

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Thank you for sharing that, does this plug into your carver batteries as is? or do you need to modify it to insert into the battery housing?

Thanks @CarverRider,


None of the connectors offered are usable, so it doesn’t matter which one you order. The connector needs to be dismantled and the original cable with the Onean connector, which contains a magnet through a junction box (such as this one) needs to be connected to the cable end of the new charger.

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Hello, I can help you with a charger, a new one at Onean is about 329euros without tax.
Mine has 10 hours of use.
Make an offer, I live in Europe.


Cool, what about $150 + $110 for shipping. Call it $260 USD.

I grabbed shipping costs from here: Get a quote to ship your luggage from Send My Bag™

If you have batteries I’d be interested in those as well.