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Maintenance on various boards

Hey all - I’m shopping for a board that will be good for relatively smooth ocean rides (I live in Miami). A big concern of mine is the amount of time spent on maintenance. Especially if the ride is only going to last 25 min.

It seems like the petrol boards require much more maintenance than electric, but that electric also varies greatly. For instance, the jet surf electric seems like much more maintenance after every ride than the Awake Ravik.

Can any of the saltwater riders share their experiences with properly maintaining your boards?



I ride only on the salty water ocean…

Jetsurf petrol has zero maintenance except spraying it with fresh water after each ride. Electric also pretty easy just clean it and check the chambers. I made a video about it.

Liftfoils and Fliteboard also zero problems, just spray it after salty water and recharge the battery.

Not sure where you are getting info about a lot of maintenance. it’s really a 5 min job!

That’s right. All premium boards are designed for use in salt water. Just as any other water-sports equipment it should be sprayed with fresh water after use. On top you should use contact spray for the connectors after cleaning it with fresh water.

Thank you! I had watched a number of your videos about maintenance. I guess I just had a different impression for the jetsurf models. Good to know it is much easier and only 5 min!