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Mako vs Jetsurf

I am looking for anyone with experience riding both the Mako Slingshot and Jetsurf GP. If you have tried both boards, please share your opinion on the comparison. Thanks!

I tried both during our tests from jetboard testing tour. i avoid telling people what to pick, it’s better if you see yoruself based on reviews or even better come to visit Wayne and test both and choose for yourself. It has to be your choice.

Hi @Jetsurfingnation,

If you tested both it would be great if you could share some more details.

I understand you don’t want to make a recommendation, but what are the high level differences?


In short jetsurf race has better shape for the turns and radical maneuvers.
On the other hand Mako has longer shape and better flotation which is great for beginners.
Mako footstaps are not good and need to be improved to footstaps similar to jetsurf race. on my old jetsurf GP i also changed the straps, they were not good as well.
I like that Mako has the icu that is easy to take out and charge, awesome lockers for the hull cover as well.
Mako is also cheaper but it’s a first generation board so time will tell about how reliable it is.
hope it helps.

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Thanks a lot!

Yes, this is helping.