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Manta 5 Hydrofoil bike

I think Manta 5 deserves a separate topic. I know Andreas tried lately so will be interesting to hear full review!

It;s not a jetboard or efoil but maybe a start of a brand new sport and very original product.

I will prepare a video in a few weeks as well

in my opinion in short


  1. It’s a new original concept, not a 1000th copy of efoil… They went completely fresh and original design
  2. It’s electric, so you can be using it if you are not very strong in legs
  3. They are planning to start water bike professional sports federation so it can grow into a real sport.
  4. Support from the cyclist community


  1. It’s a product for 2 people to operate. It’s too big, too bulky too hard to start for a newbie alone. Best if a friend pushes you.
  2. Water start is challenging even for professionals.
  3. Product looked too fragile to me, a lot of small moving parts to break. A lot of small screws, bearings etc… some small parts broke in first few use. Not sure if it is durable enough for long term use or rentals.

Comparing to efoil
The efoil seems having all the advantages except bike looks more like a sport while efoil is more of a leasure fun activity without any real workout. After efoiling i never feel any workout in my legs. with the bike i felt a good workout.
The bike has 4 hours battery life vs only 1.5 in efoil but not sure what monster can go so long, i would expect people to get tired after 10-15 mins. It’s still a workout.

My suggestion was to add an inflatable “jetsurf tube” around it so that a newbie can operate it easier bu the challenge with a tube is that if it flips over in the water it will not be easy for a newbie to flip it back up or climb on top of it without falling. When doing a waterstart they fully submerge the bike and then start a very strong leg movements to get out of the water. It’s a real challenge.

Thanks for sharing your feedback. It is inline with my thoughts. Will you publish a video?


Manta5 Hydrofoil eBike Review | NEW SPORT is coming?

Watch the new video here

In this video
00:00 What is Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1 Hydrofoil eBike
01:00 Electric assist in Manta5 ebike
01:20 How to assemble anta5 Hydrofoiler. Does it fit in a car?
02:00 What if you run out of battery in the water?
02:58 Can you ride without battery?
04:33 A start of a new waterbike sports federation?
05:20 Top speed, riding time of manta5?
06:20 Manta5 battery
06:40 Manta5 app?
07:17 Danie’s honest review of Manta5 ebike
11:50 How easy to learn manta5 ebike?
13:02 Mike’s first ride on Manta5 Hydrofoiler

Great review, Mike. Completely in line with my experience I made a few weeks ago in Cannes.