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JETSURF MARTIN SULA | ELECTRIC vs PETROL | What is the future of the Jetsurf?

The new exciting sport of motosurfing is taking over the world! There are many people who can create a product but not many who can start a new official sport. Today in our “Ask me anything” show we have an honor to meet legendary Martin Sula, the creator of Jetsurf and a founder of a new exciting sport of Motosurfing.
It’s an exciting and long in-depth discussion of the past and the future of the motorized surfboard sport with a man who created the sport and dominated the market during the last 15 years.


00:39 Jetsurf - 15 years of domination. How did it begin?
02:10 How did you create a NEW SPORT of motosurfing?
04:10 A Motosurf Federation was created?
05:10 The HISTORY of motorised surfboards?
06:15 The nature is our biggest CHALLENGE
07:20 Jetsurf was tested in the TOUGHEST conditions
08:15 The shape of the Jetsurf board?
08:30 Kai Lenny at Jaws on Jetsurf
10:20 Why other Jetboard companies fail?
12:50 The rules were changing?
13:20 DFI - new Direct Fuel Injection system?
15:15 Motorized surfboards REGULATIONS
16:40 New Jetsurf Titanium, Jetsurf Adventure+, Jetsurf Race DFI
25:05 Jetsurf ELECTRIC - is the future?
26:10 Electric jetboards pros and cons?
32:05 Motosurf World Cup MSWC
33:50 New strategy for Motosurf World after coronavirus
36:05 MARTIN SULA - do you plan to continue racing?
39:15 The FUTURE of the motorised surfboard sport
42:30 Long distance jetsurf racing is coming?
43:00 Electric surfboard racing?

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