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Mertek S1-only $3000?


I am interessted in jetboards and maybe I want to buy one next year. I have a question regarding the Mertek S1 board. Why is it so cheap in comparison to the other boards? Ok it is not so powerfull as the other boards and the battery has probably less capacity, but is there anyting else? Maybe someone of you has this board and could help me by sharing his or her experience with this board.

Thank you in advance

It’s a beginner slow inflatable board, pretty fun but don’t expect fast speeds.

Great for rentals, complete newbies and kids

Here is a full review

Thank you for your message, it was very helpful. Do you know what power this board has (in kW)?

The brushless motor for the built in jet engine offers 2.8 KW at 48.1 V and 58.2 Ampere and a maximum of 4,640 rpm (rotations per minute).

Thank you for quick response