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Mertek vs. eSurf

The story behind the “eSURF” and the “ESURF”.

The first generation of Mertek surfboards from China were called EasySurf or eSurf S1 which caused confusion with the Swedish boards called ESURF.

The second improved version of the Mertek has a better performance and different colours:

Infos about Mertek at:

The ESURF is very different. Infos about the ESURF at:

This confusion will go forever. Thank you for clarifying…

How was your experience with Mertek? I saw you posted fotos somewhere, did you rent it or buy for yourself and kids?

The board is great for the kids and my wife with their light weight, but nothing for me :wink:

We rented the boards via Ocean Rabbit in Berlin, but will probably buy one next year.

Looks great, seems like fun!

See the comparison eSurf S1 versus Mertek here: