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MKIU Electric wing surfboard on Amazon

After Decathlon, Ebay and of course Alibaba cheap eFoils are now even available on Amazon.

The products come from Shijie’s shop from China. Their Amazon reviews are pretty bad. There business address looks wired:

  • Baohequhuizhoudadao248hao
  • Tianditongxunshangcheng1louCqu202hao
  • Hefeishi
  • Anhuisheng
  • 230031
  • CN

Shijie’s shop sells all kind of electronic goods on Amazon, but no more water sports equipment. Many red flags.

The eFoil has a weight 42 kg and the motor has only 1800 watt. Less than half compared to Lift and Flite. The board itself is huge with 210 cm. Battery charging time 7 hours :rofl:

I suggest not to waste your money.

Product description quite brief:

  • ELECTRIC WING SURFBOARD: The electric wing surfboard is made of strong materials and is lightweight. The built-in propeller can lift the electric wing boat with fast rotation. Both veterans and beginners can enjoy the “fly”
  • Full carbon fibre process: carbon fiber has high hardness, low weight, low resistance, novel design, additional surfboard balance and waterproof function.

Product parameters:

Product Name: Electric Wing Surfboard
Average speed: 20-30 km/h.
Maximum speed: 40-45 km/h.
Battery charging time: 7 hours.
Battery life: 60 minutes.
High-performance lithium battery (25AH): rechargeable.
Voltage: 48 V.
High-performance motor drive: 1800 W.
8. Speed/speed: 5000 rpm.
Film material: full carbon.
The length of the aluminium foil rod: 75 cm.
IP67 Unlimited Controller: R/F Type
Safety control system: release switch.
Surfboard size: 210cm x 70cm
Surfboard packaging size: 226 cm x 91 cm x 24 cm, 65 kg.
Wingboard Packing Size: 108cm x 95cm x 32cm, 33kg
Battery packaging: 50cm x 32cm x 16cm
Net weight: 42 kg.