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Motorized Surfboard JETSURF RACE DFI 2021

JETSURF RACE DFI 2021 REVIEW | UNBOXING, TIPS AND TESTING | NEW Motorized Surfboard!:surfing_man:

Today we are excited to unbox and test the brand new Motorized Surfboard JETSURF RACE DFI 2021 :surfing_man:‍

In this new video you will discover:
00:00​ Jetsurf Race DFI Review - new 2021 models
00:24​ Unboxing of Jetsurf Race DFI Motorised Surfboard
02:21​ The silencer, new cleaning system, new bindings
03:10​ Riding Jetsurf in the ocean waves with @TopJetsurfingItalia
03:32​ Tips and Tricks how to improve your experience with Jetsurf
04:52​ Sunrise jetsurfing in the waves with a new Jetsurf 2021
05:30​ My honest opinion after riding new jetsurf model several months
06:00​ What are the differences? Jetsurf Adventure+, Jetsurf Titanium?
07:04​ Visiting iconic Benagil Caves in Algarve, Portugal
07:48​ Comparing Petrol Jetsurf vs Jetsurf Electric? Pros and Cons?
09:23​ Credits

Great videos. Do you think it’s possible to retro-fit the new silencer to a Titanium DFI 2020 model?

Thank you. I dont think the silencer fits any titanium boards. It was done for Race Dfi and Adventure boards. The titanium has a longer and different exhaust

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