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Motors, ESC, and Batteries

HI! First time poster, go easy :slight_smile:

I found this pump I want to print, I’m assuming 1 single 80mm pump should be enough for an eSurf, right?

DIY esurfboard

He recommends an SSS 56114 360KV motor, my only question is… Is that a good motor to go with for this? What ESC and how many S’s of batteries do I need.

I know some electronics stuff, but I am completely out of my element when it comes to RC stuff.


You should always start picking the batteries first how many volts you want in your system atleast 8s 30v.
Then choose what motor; always pick the motor that you are going to use maximum rpm of it, for a jet board I recommend atleast 8s 30v, if u pick a 8s battery you should get a motor that have 8s as max voltage input so you use maximum rpm that motor can give.
And last a ESC that can handle the motor Current draw, if motor draw 170A max use a esc that have 240A atleast.