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Motors for to fit on a surfboard

Are there motors that you can mount onto your own board for extra thrust ?

Hi @willworthington,

If I understand correctly you want to surf in waves and need some extra power to catch the waves?

There are extra waveboards for that:

They have the engine fully integrated into the board.

May be the Scubajet: would work, but it is normally designed for SUP boards.

The external motor probably creates too much resistance once you get on the wave.

Exactly. All those systems can’t be used in the wave. You might need system like Jetson if you planning to use it in the waves.
Even jetsurf cant be stopped on the wave, because as soon as you stop the engine, it acts like a break.

Hi @willworthington
Our Powerboards surfboards can be surfed in waves. Simply lay on the board, press button and the board will move through the surf. For more speed whilst catching waves simply position foot on the button. Motor only works when you are on the button. Boards can be surfed with or without the motor operating, therefore once the power runs out you can still stay out and catch waves. We have 35 minutes continuous run time, however, this equates to 1.5 to 2 hours in the surf. Our boards surf like traditional surfboards just with more power when power is required. Power Boards have had products on the market since 2013. We sell Power Boards motorised surfboards and Power Boards motorised SUP boards. For more information check out http://www.powerboards1com