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Mount motor to angled transom?

building a jet powered dingy. A bit off topic, apologies. any ideas how to mount to angled transom ? first thought it to fabricate the mount to terminate jet drive on the outside of transom at 90 degrees. In other words, 'glass a small extension/box of sorts to the transom at 90 degrees.

Hi @Mattstanton, may be you can send some pictures? I. can’t follow.


Have you looked at aluminum jet boat builds in New Zealand they seem to have that corner of the hobby well covered.
My suggestion would be to use the transom bracket from a trolling motor that can have the height and angle adjusted .
I played with this concept a few years ago. I had some decent success but wanted a jet board more so I put that project aside.
But as far as placement of the jet pump in optimal position the outboard bracket is excellent