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I was down in California last fall and tried a Lift Foil. I immediately fell in love, this is the most amazing sport that I’ve ever tried. It’s like flying an airplane strapped to your feet.
I’m sure others on this forum can relate to now being addicted hahaha.
I was really trying to get a Lift foil for less than $12,000 USD which I eventually gave up on.
I did find another manufacturer out of Canada making boards with the same quality as Lift and Fliteboard at just a slightly lower price point. Fliteboard has gears in it and MSLR and Lift don’t. I personally don’t see the need for gears, just another thing that can break.
I feel like Lift owns the market and for good reason. Nick and his team are world class and are constantly innovating.
I ended up ordering from MSLR and I’m so happy. I was able to get an extra$1,000.00 because of a covid-19 promotion.

I would stay away from a lot of the boards! on the market. Lots of cheap stuff out there. You can message me if you’re not sure about buying from a cheaper source.

This looks like the Chinese Cimi / Surffic board but $5,000 more expensive.

To be honest, I don’t think anyone will buy a no-name board for more than a few thousand dollars. It would be pretty foolish to spend that much money on a completely unknown product.

Why is it priced 11k like market leaders Lift and Flite? Most chinese boards like Waydoo and also Etakuma are much cheaper because the quality is completely different. Here i assume it is also generic chinese brand?

If you read my post, my first ride was on a lift board.
This is why I bought this board because it is comparable to Lifts quality and I saved $2,000.00.
Just for the record Lift and Fliteboard are Chinese boards as well.
After a great rest ride and purchase I’m very happy with it. Same warranty and same performance for less money. I call it a win win

by “chinese” we mean generic alibaba boards that fall apart on the first use. Of course all legit brands have some components made in China but they are not Chinese brands at all. Fliteboard is made in australia, its battery in china and board itself i think in thailand.

The difference is how well the brand is doing worldwide support and post sale service.

“Quality comparable to Lift” - that’s a far stretch. Lift produced over 2000 lifts each year and never had any big incidences. That is what quality mean. When some brand sells 2-3 boards there is just not enough data to judge if its good or not. The time will tell.

Thank you for your insights. I understand what you mean now. I’ll keep the forum posted :crossed_fingers:

Some more data:

Same board, half the price: https://flitefoil.com/products/manta-efoil

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I’ve now logged over 100 hours of flying on my MSLR and I love my 5’5".
So happy with my purchase. I think the 10k was worth every penny.

There is something fishy going on here… "manufacturer out of Canada " promoted by Robert1 but same Chinese board flitefoil half the price? All of them look like just a whitelabel of a generic chinese board from alibaba under different names.

Calling a board “flitefoil” is a direct insult to Fliteboard and most likely they will take it down for infringement of copyright and patents, so I would recommend avoid buying it.

They’re definitely white labeled boards from China. Surffic sells them as well (and probably many other companies we haven’t seen yet).

I’d say there’s a 99.9% chance “Robert” works for MSLR.

E-surfer should really do more research before promoting this overpriced junk!

Hi Jet Surfing Nation love your channel by the way. Hey guys first of all love this forum so many great ideas and innovation coming from here. I want to introduce myself I’m Carey Missler from MSLR Electric E-Foils. I started Foiling around 5 years ago and absolutely fell in the love with the sport which led me to purchasing one board to another board to another and another lol then the progression led to us starting our own E-Foil company www.mslrelectric.com http://www.mslrelectric.com/ with my childhood best friend Taylor Coulthard. We also have most of our tight group family and friends working with us. You are correct about the above comments with Glide Foil and Surffic and Cimi. They originally started working with Cimi ordering a few boards here and there over this last year. Our first prototype arrived in early 2019. We tested it rigorously and thought it was a great product. We then worked exclusively with the factory to upgrade the components in our MSLR Electric e-foils. This brought our costs up but we are committed to offering a premium 3k carbon e-foil that we stand behind. Our latest designs well be coming out very soon with more upgrades.Up until recently we partnered with Cimi exclusively for business and manufacturing. Moving forward we are releasing our new boards coming out in the next few months with updated technology, different specs and designs and wing sizes which were hoping you will be very stoked with. Also we will be getting our price point down to $9975 for an amazing full warrantied carbon set up that we feel is honestly awesome. We will be the sole company moving forward with Cimis together for years to come. We are based in British Columbia Canada and will be engineering from Canada with our team. We feel very blessed to be a part of this community and also to have our Business doing what we love. Thanks for your time guys and if you want to connect feel free to reach out anytime

Hi Carey and Taylor

Thank you for your kind words…

I don’t know if Robert1 also works for you or not, but he started his
topic on a wrong foot, claiming it is “manufacturer out of Canada”
etc… This community is very small so people quickly understood it’s a
whitelabel from Cimis… Now while you are saying about exclusivity,
just now more and more Cimis resellers are popping up… Tiki boards ,
Flitefoil, GlideFoil i lost the track. Maytech remote also is a
proven bad choice in the community, so there are a lot of problems
with it. https://efoil.builders/t/maytech-remote-required-modifications-before-use/6570

I understand your unit works fine but long term the time will
tell. There are a lot of issues with post sale support and repairs
that whitelabel resellers unfortunately are not aware off and will be
losing a lot of money when people will start returning and refunding
broken boards - that’s when most of these resellers are going out of
business, also met with legal charges from Lift and Fliteboards for
infringement of patents. I hope you are ready for all that and I wish
you luck, it’s not a business i would love to be in to be honest, as I
enjoy riding boards but would never get into selling them!

Please continue supporting discussion on e-surfer forum, i think
people need to understand that you are not just another reseller but
trying to stand behind the product and improve it.

Good luck friends!

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I’m a school bus driver in Spuzzum, BC!

You can also check discussion here guys https://efoil.builders/t/the-surffic-cimi-sports-tiki-factory-thread-info-for-the-diyer/6709/23 basically main question why 3800 usd Cimi board is offered at $11,000

Thank you very much. For us we have been in water sports for around 20 years. Foiling the last 4/5 years and just fell in love with it. For us we are most involved in taking the current product 1.0 and making it way better.

Thank you very much. Yes we are mostly focused on customer service, safety and quality. We appreciate the feedback and look forward to updating you all soon. Our new remotes will be way better as well. We are currently working on new ones now. Thanks for the support. We are not here to cause drama or negativity. We are looking forward to building an even better premium product.

Much respect and love your videos. Thank you for your time. Now it’s time to E-Foil :slight_smile: