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My first day on an E-Foil

I am learning from the Pro. Thank you @pacificmeister. Tomorrow another 4.30 am wake up call and I will fly …

Tell us more please! Its hard to understand from the video how was your experience, what worked, what did not work, how hard it is, why you did not try more?

Very interesting!

Riding the board on the surface was relatively easy, but very different as the nose always want to come up and this slows you down.

You hear Merten yelling “more weight on the front”, but it is not so easy. You need enough speed or the board will stall once you lift it up. This is what happened when I was falling. I was too slow.

I was riding a few cycles and so did Merten, but I was draining the battery by not flying and we didn’t want to overheat the electronics.

I feel that with 1-2 hour practice it should be possible to fly the board. Unfortunately I couldn’t join them this morning for a second try, but hope I will get another chance very soon.

I now definitely want to have one :sunglasses:

It is great to see a “real world” example of somebody riding an electric foil the first time and not only promotional videos from people who have already practice.

Well done!

NOW, where can I order an e-Foil?

It looks @Lift is accepting pre-orders with no clear shipment date and @Flite is just shipping a small number for Australia only this year.

Anybody else I missed?

There should be inflatable easygoat from Czeck republic, Elevate rocks , Vefoil and several others but nobody is shipping yet.

Hi Andreas, it looks like you did really well. You will definitely be foiling in 1-2 hours. We have found that a larger more stable front wing makes it a lot easier too. Our last few riders got foiling on their first session where it used to take 2-3 sessions when we used a smaller faster wing.

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Fliteboard is shipping worldwide and we have many orders from Europe - but our first customer boards won’t be there until February. We may be able to ship first orders to Europe this year but we don’t want to set unrealistic expectations so February is a safer bet. We will have some boards going to schools and agents in Europe from August onwards.