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NeptunX electric hydrofoil

No week with no new eFoil player. Here the NeptunX electric hydrofoil from eFoilFly.

With 12.000 € Including VAT and Shipping not on the lower end.

General information:
email: [email protected]
phone: + 385 99 456 8000

Are they still in business? 12k wow

At that price it’s basically irrelevant.

I was checking them 2 months ago when I was making a rating video and it seemed really dead to me, not sure if anything changed since then.

It looks like a cheap chinese project from what i saw on their instagram. low quality fotos and videos.

I know above 3d render looks cool but it has nothing to do with an actual product.

Red flags

  1. Website has NO contact info, no company info

  2. Not a single quality foto or video of an actual product aside of blurry crappy background video from 10km away drone footage and 3d renders

  3. 12,000 are you kidding me? Same price as top class Lift and Flite for a chinese crap board

  4. on IG you can actually see some real fotos https://www.instagram.com/p/B3xGHAIHhz6/ and they look like another low quality cheap assembled foil like Ultrafoil etc


I would have to agree. Stay away.

What are they offering that gives reason to be the MOST expensive foil on the market?

Sounds like a lot of hot air to me.