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New buyer for the electric foilboard

I have been reading about the electric hydrofoil boards. I was very enthusiastic to buy one but now I am reluctant after reading about the issues that the boards have. I guess you get what you pay for.

I will wait to see if the performance and the issues of the boards get better. I already reserved a board but now I am really in doubt about these boards.

Are you talking about Waydoo?
I have not heard of any major issues with Lift of Fliteboard… Get a good used board if the money is an issue.

Hi Rexroots,
it’s a good idea to do some research before you invest in a cheap foil board. As you see, there is a lot of information on some of the less expensive brands where users have had very mixed experiences with.
As Mike said, the established brands Fliteboard and Lift are well proven and there are no reasons to be concerned about quality issues. You get what you pay for.
I would also be careful about putting money down to reserve a board. The good brands you can buy directly at a dealer, so you don’t have to pay first and then wait for a few weeks for the board to arrive.

Well said. Not much do add :slight_smile:

I think you have to clearly make a difference if you bought the older versions of the waydoo via kickstarter or if you are already getting the 2021 waydoo version with much better quality… However as you already mentioned it is not a fliteboard quality (and even they have issues, ask the dealers about water in the safe compartement;-) So you should compare it to Takuma and or pwrfoil…
But there is a new promising efoil coming from mantafoils, the Volt-efoil… inflatable and similar to Fliteboard Concept, I would say… Heard it will be around 8000$ so could be interesting…

Nobody is getting the 2021 Waydoo, their latest shipment was seized by customs and they’re being sued by Lift for patent violations and they’re still months behind on warranty replacements :rofl:

Waydoo is actually following up on all warranty cases in a good and reasonable timely manner. Also, Flite was sued by Lift too. Seems like everybody is suing everybody;) That being said, the new 2021 Waydoo’s are amazing eFoils, especially considering you pay HALF the price of the big competitors. So I would def. advice you to buy a Waydoo. But hey, as the European distributor I might be a little bit biased;)

Yes biased and a liar but we all know that’s part of the job description when you work for Waydoo

Sorry to hear this guys:(

Onean also seems to be preparing something in the field of eFoils, at least judging by their latest blog, where they describe what eFoil is.