New Luxury Marine Toys at Cannes Yachting Festival

We visited the Cannes Yachting to explore new Water Toys. Please read the article here:

and find further pictures and later on videos below …

The Seabreacher. If you have the budget of about 150k USD then this might be the right Luxury Marine Toy for you.

  • 300 HP (Pferdestärken)
  • Maximum surface speed 85 km/h
  • Maximum submerged speed 32 km/h
  • Length 482 cm
  • Width 106 cm
  • weight 657 kg

The Seabreacher lets you feel like a Dolphin

The Overboat from Neoocean (France).

  • 4.5 kW
  • Non-Hydrofoil Version as two-seater
  • Hydrofoil Version as one-seater
  • Self-balancing Hydrofoil
  • Length: 310 cm
  • Width 135 cm

I am wondering if you could park it on a Jetski Ponton :wink:

Scoot-X from Baguo Boats (France). Currently Prototype only.

  • 2 x 7.5 kWh Batteries
  • 10 and 16 kW engine
  • Length: 310 cm
  • Width: 126 cm

A lot of super-yachts. I guess out of my budget.

and nice tenders:

eFoils …

The Lift Foils team:

The Fliteboard team:

The Waydoo Flying Fish team:

Jetboards …

The Lampuga team:

The Awake team:

The Scubajet team:

Looks great Andreas, thank you for constant updates on the industry… Were you able to see esurf?
Disappointing to hear you did not like the manta bike. I am hoping to test them soon. Aren’t they electric, why so hard to start in water? What happens if you go away from the shore and fail to start in water and run out of your energy?

I did not see eSurf. I am not saying that I don’t like the Manta5, but nothing to compare with an eFoil. I think with some practice you will manage the water start, but it is not jumping on it and ride it …

Hi Andreas,

What did you think of the Sifly Efoils?
I spotted you on their stand on a walk through about the show last week 22.

Everything about their product seems perfect, but no reviews to help with a purchase decision.