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New MO-JET 5 in 1 Modular System | Jetboard Testing Tour

With a new German modular system MO-JET, you can choose from a variety of nose modules that combine with the same jet motor to give you five different boards in one: a jetboard, a diving jet, an inflatable, a rescue board, and the Buddy NX1! And soon - efoil!

Today we meet Benjamin and Calle - the developers of MO-JET to find out more about it and test Mo-Jet in different conditions including WAVES! This will be fun! All star Jetboard testing tour crew is back in action again!

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Looks nice. I love the modular system!

Mike… Can I get one of your shirts? I will always wear it when I’m riding my DIY jetboards!

Sure! Please email me at [email protected] with your address and size

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done :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:

Mike, The T-shirt has arrived!.
Thank you so much for it. When I’m out boarding again I will take some pictures of me wearing it.
However. It is winter here at this moment. Will have to wait some months before I can do this :frowning:

Again. Thank you for this Mike.

Stay safe! - Kian

You are welcome my friend, keep up great work

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