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New Product : JETWAKE B200

We are currently in mass production and we want to be evaluated.

homepage :
Instagram :

We are currently attending the Santa Clara Convention Center Fair to find a US partner from June 30 to July 4.

Made in Korea.

Nice, the design reminds me of radinn :slight_smile: The parameters look reasonable. Do you guys plan any European tests?

Price information :

South Korean Won
9600000 KRW

7272.22 EUR

it looks good but we need european tests first to see it in action…

Hi! Mike.
We are in the process of certifying the product to advance to Europe.
Our products are modules, and the efficiency of natural cooling of motors and batteries is excellent.
No cooling lake management required.

Towing can also be installed in front of the product. Can be used without.

What if I invite you to SouthKorea?
Is it possible?

Thank you!

Yes Mr Lee we can visit you in south korea in september. reach us by email