No power to Lift Efoil

Has any Lift Efoil owners experienced no power to the Lift motor control box after connecting the battery (fully charged) and communication cable. Usually the button illuminates blue after connecting the battery and pushing the button, but not getting anything. Also, I’ve noticed the button sticking recently. Thanks in advance.

Hi @FL_Efoil , here is a 9 Volt battery inside the ESC box. Usually it lasts for 2-3 years. If your button was sticking inside recently it might be empty. Just replace it and you are probably good.

Hello @Andreas thanks for your reply. I did replace the battery however upon opening the motor control box here’s what I discovered:

As you can see corrosion at the push button connector, causing one of the connectors to break off. Also, corrosion detected at the terminal connector (to the PCB). Lastly there are 2 desiccant packs in the box used for moisture adsorption. Both packets were saturated indicating a water entry point somewhere (I suspect at the push button). Case into Lift, I will fill update the remedy

Yes, that’s a case for the Lift Support Team.

did you get any water into the electronic compartement? :thinking: