Noodato eSurfboard

Looks like Chinese Shenzhen Technology Co. Ltd. is not only very active on Alibaba, but is now also looking for resellers in Europe and the US for its Noodato eSurfboard. I get spammed from their sales department.

A couple of red flags:

:red_square: No company website (noodato dot com is advertised, but not active)
:red_square: Domain from emails (hzfudeyi dot com) not active
:red_square: 72 Volt is dangerous
:red_square: price point (from 3,199 USD) too low for a reliable and safe product
:red_square: Claiming 8 years experience in electric surfboards
:red_square: Fraud alerts on pay-pal community (see below)

Here is what they advertise:

Best Quality Fatcory 10KW 72V 50Ah Electric Carbon Fiber Noodato surfboard

  • 10KW
  • Shell material: Carbon fiber
  • Size :1756017cm
  • Weight:34kg
  • LG Battery 72V
  • Working time:30-40minutes
  • Warrant: Battery and power system for one year
  • Max bearing weight 140kg
  • Speed 40-55km/h
  • Charging time 4-5 hours

And we could customize the logo and color according to your need.

Shenzhen Noodato Technology Co.,LTD–Electric Surfboard

Shenzhen Noodato Technology Co.,Ltd is experienced in producing the electric surfboard for more than 8 years located in Shenzhen,Guangdong province,China with convenient transportation access.All of our products comply with International quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different market throughout the world. We have more than 1000 square meters,more than 100 workers,8 lines,15QC and 5 engineers.If you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order,please feel free to contact us at any time.We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with clients around the world in the near future.

Fraud alert:

34kg 30-40minutes lol… this should go straight to scam category. Everyone stay away!

This tiny suitecase handle to carry a 25kg battery makes me laugh. And good luck with those 4 screws on the beach…


A classic sad story. Sorry for your loss. Buy a legit brand board next time and avoid scams copycats.

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Same with me :frowning: I think the owner/ sales director is Kerui Zhang… he´s also the owner of Secutronic… unfortunately the biggest liar walking around like that. I sent them back a motor system … a year ago nothing came back. answers: we will send soon…, sorry we are so busy…

I can tell you exactly what is broken … it is the ball bearing that blocks everything. We had absolutely the same problems, then we took everything apart and in fact the problem is that the motor has a rigid shaft. At the end there is a ceramic ball bearing (actually super quality). However, the person who builds the boards has no idea of ​​mechanics. In fact, due to the rigid axle, the ball bearing is loaded incorrectly and breaks. Then the motor blocks and it breaks down and that’s it.

… but these boards have much more problems than the motor system. The real problem is you can’t fix anything because everything has been put together somehow.

This is the website: … Incidentally, they also sell corona tests …

Hi, I’ve bought two of those from Noodato. At the base, the product look not to bad, but there is many conception problem. I have two impeller broke and their service is nothing. I have to open dispute with them. Is there anybody around here who could help me about how to dismantal the impeller. I’m gonna make a new one with 3d printer.

Trying to get anywhere with this company is like pulling teeth. We ordered a sample and the battery and charger melted down and caught fire the fire charge. They will not replace or refund the board. They want to keep sending replacement parts. These boards are very dangerous.

I bought 2 of their surfboards. Considering their price point, no complains so far. Their service have been good and will look forward to more of their products.

bought 2 of their surfboards. Considering their price point, no complains so far. Their service have been good and will look forward to more of their products.

Nice try but i doubt that. Did you just join the forum to make this 1 post. Post Proof or Scam.

@orange81 , I agree with Mike. Send us some pictures and videos how you are riding …

What a joke. This is an open forum. Why should I prove to you? In any case, it might be the opposite. You sound like the scammer instead. lol

I am a youtube reviewer with 5 years history and you are a anonymous fake acc that was made to support a scam jetboard. Shame on you mate.

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Looks like you got lucky. We had one catch our shop on fire while charging then the replacement electrocuted one of my employees the first time he put it in the water and hit the throttle sending him to the hospital with 3rd degree burns. Our insurance company won’t cover us anymore if we were to carry noodato products. Our companies attorneys can’t even get ahold of anyone. Numerous attempts to contact noodato legal department which come to find out they don’t have. They must have picked up good parts at the flea market when they were building your units in their apartment. They have thumbs down with consumer safety administration and customs due to battery fires.

That sounds terrible, [Money_sp33der_9000… Please post more details, maybe a foto or video of boards / fire and quality , it will be great example and case study to warn others.