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Not me, but good to someone riding waves

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Yes it’s a great video by Brian. 2 things surprised me

  1. why he did not use the leash and lost the board
  2. how they fly drones so close to airport :slight_smile:

I know from kitesurfing that you don’t use a leash cause of the slingshot effect. Board will come back and slam into you. Kite surfboards and twintips are much lighter though, but i don’t know if I’d want to be tied to an e surfboard after going down in the impact zone.

Yes, you must always wear a leash, the jetboard is a danger to others if let alone swim everywhere like on that video. it could reach the shore, slam into the surfers and swimmers, it’s 25kg almost like steel. It’s not light, so it does not fly around like kiteboard, it stays in the water.