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OLO One surfboard

A new electric surfboard was spotted at boot 2019 in Dusseldorf.

The manufacturers is from Norderstedt close to Hamburg in Germany.

Their website at does not give much information yet.

The board is positioned as an “ULTIMATE LUXURY ELECTRIC SURFBOARD” and priced at 24.999 USD plus VAT.

More infos about the board after the boot show …

Why it has to be “ultra luxury” again for 25k :slight_smile: Interesting to learn about the specs though. Thank you for sharing!

Hard to say from the looks, similar to lampuga boost probably? Shiny but too heavy and no handles again, slippery to carry. no pad for from foot, seems the pad ends too early? Just first observations.

Don`t know, who will be willing to pay that price if there are other good products like Fliteboard Liftfoils and takuma efoil for about a third of that price :grin:

hehe, if it says luxury it must be expensive :slight_smile:

Check out the demo at boot:

and the article at:

I like the design, but it’s pretty expensive …