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ONEAN CARVER TWIN | Jetboard Testing Tour

Our All Star Jetboard Testing Tour crew is back together again for this final episode of 2020. We are excited to test Onean Carver Twin, a new entry level jetboard with two jets and a single battery.

It’s much lighter than Onean Carver X and much faster than old original Carver, making it a great fun leisure board for people who want to get started in the sport of jetboarding. A great value for money and a perfect board for rentals and beginners but don’t expect radical speeds if you are a heavy rider.

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I also switched from Carver to Carver Twin and I must say that the difference in performance with the same battery power consumption is huge. Even with the rider’s weight of 96 kg, I get into the planning without any problems and the deceleration disappeared until I lost the planning when riding against the wind. Now there is only a deceleration of 1 to 2 km/h, which is not significant at an average speed of 30 km/h. So far, I have a maximum speed of 37.2 km/h, one battery riding distance 8.47 km (riding time 15-16 min) and I intend to pull it to 40 km/h next season using only 3 "fins.

I would only have 2 reproaches. The decorative foil is nice, but very fragile. All you have to do is place the board on larger pebbles and just by the weight of the surfboard itself, the foil will start to be chipped at the point of contact. The back of the board is very heavy, so it is not possible to carry it by the handles or footstraps. The screws are torn from the mounting holes by the weight of the surfboard. I have to use durable shoulder straps for carrying.