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Onean Carver Twin

Onean will show the new Onean Carver Twin tomorrow at boot in Dusseldorf. The Carver Twin has 2 jets and will replace the Carver, who was underpowered. More info here:

First video I found …

It looks quite interesting. The dismountability of the engine unit is a major advance, but I would only complain that the surface that only touches the water when planning is not quite smooth now (28 screws). Those screws were supposed to be somewhere on the top. Below only the gasket around the perimeter of the lid.

If the stated weight of Carver Twin 20 kg is true, the weight gain compared to Carver (18 kg) is minimal. Onean’s website lists the weight of 20 kg / 35 lbs. But it should be 20 kg / 45 lbs.

A 40 minute ride time per battery is a wishful thinking.

The volume of 150 l is unnecessarily large. When riding in planning, most surfboard is still above water. They should reduce it to 120 liters.

I wonder how much the Carver Twin Essential will cost.

2020 boot show demo:

Thank you for updates. Are there any news on new smaller models like blade?

Hi @Jetsurfingnation, no BLADE in 2020 according to Jon …

This Onean is garbage me bought carver x all time defekt highly unreliable
board its a throw away money.Last time fixed me 1400euro costs vorked 7minutes.

Maybe you got unlucky? it’s not a bad board, I know Wayne has been renting it in sotogrande for many summers without issues. Lets give it a chance!

I hope we can test Carver twin in april if it arrives to Wayne

Will see now vhat vrong vith my board one battery dont charge butt still has 46.5V
maybe battery died.Onean said vill send me new one and pick old after me discharge it.
They vill send some discharger.

My Carver X is working now something vrong vith one battery.
Onean send me new and collected the old one and everything
free of charge hope vill vork now.