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Onean Carver und Carver X Speedtest / Video

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Thanks for sharing.

92 kg and 36 km/h is a good result!

Thank you, Dennis!
What do you think, is it worth the higher price?

All the best,

Very nice!

How about the noise level? Can you share two raw videos next to each other to compare how loud they are?


Halle René,

So the difference from Carver to Carver X in price is really worth it. However, I have to find both boards awesome and both are worth their price. The carver is lighter and more agile and you can even jump with it so that the whole board comes out of the water. On the Carver X, of course, the speed is pretty cool. So if I was about to make a new purchase decision, I would decide for the Carver X and yes it is worth the money, not only the higher speed and the much longer battery performance. Furthermore, you can take a second person on the Carver X, which does not work so well with the normal Carver. But before every purchase, I would definitely drive both board sample.

Greetings Dennis

Hello Ed,

on the subject of volume, I like to do 2 videos tomorrow, once from the carver on the board and from the shore and the same then again with the Carver X.

So I think the volume is really okay, which surprised me that the Carver and the Carver X filled are equally loud.

As I said videos of the volume will follow tomorrow.

Greetings Dennis

Dennis, I suggest removing the legs from the foot straps and pushing both of them in the Carver 30 cm ahead. The average speed will increase by 6km/h or more. For the 74kg rider it is from 16 to 24 km/h. I have it certified with many speed-measuring rides using Garmin watches. For speeds of 40 km/h, I recommend the shock-resistant jacket otherwise threatening to break ribs when dropping into water.

Hello Carver Rider, so any changes to the foot straps or other changes make our weights no change anymore, since the board is already at maximum speed. You can see that as well, no matter who of us three, my wife, my son or I drive with the boards, we get the same speed. So for our weight class, the boards are just perfect. You with 74kg unfortunately get on your carver only 24 km / h speed. Personally, I find that too little, as it makes fun on the board only from 25 km / h. With your weight I would rather recommend you the Carver X. The boards run best as soon as the board goes into the sliding phase. Guess the weight of your car at a speed of 24 km / h makes the Carver Board not quite as good.

As I said, without any major effort with the Carver easy 29 km / h and with the Carver X easily 42 km / h.

The 42 km / h with the Carver X but on the water more than enough. If you fall into the water at full speed, it is still okay. Do several crashes at this speed, I mean it is quite good to be able to estimate that is still okay. At higher speeds, I do not want to try it anymore. But with the Carver X, according to our experience, no higher speeds are possible.

Greetings Dennis

I think those changes are also useful for you. If you reduce the maximum power, for example, to 3 LEDs (2600W), the shift of center of gravity will ensure that there is no significant decrease in speed but the time of possible riding at a reasonable speed will be increased to twice. It’s worth it, because battery charging takes 140 minutes.