Onean Carver x Battery

Hi Guys…
Does anyone have a Onean battery they want to sell, or does anyone know where I can buy one. Preferably in the UK…
I think there manufactured in Germany, is it possible to get them directly from the OEM.
Cheers …

Hello from Greece.
I have the same problem and also i am looking to find one.
If you know anything about the manufacturer please send a message.


Hey Guys, My Carver X is unfortunately done, but I have two fully functioning batteries I can sell + 1 charger I repaired from parts which works perfectly. If your interested drop me your email and I’ll ping you separately. I have pics of them and videos of them charging I can share. Cheers!

Morning Leighton.
Thanks for the reply…
My email is
Thanks Justin

I know Andreas is after a battery, same as me so happy to take one battery off your hands and the charger if available. If Andreas doesn’t want the other battery I’ll take both off your hands.
Cheers J

Hi there!
I also have 2 batteries and a charger to the onean carver

Jörgen from Sweden

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Great, how much would you like for them…

Hi again! Fast response!
Batteries 1200 EUR each and 200 for the charger?

I’d certainly take a battery. Can you either email me on or WhatsApp me on +44 07850456874

I have one, if you’re still looking…