Onean Carver X Board Batteries

Sell my Carver X Damaged complete or parts.
Board start 2 secs opened at contacts at battery some watter inside.
The board was used once at salty water then broke all replaced at onean including one battery.
Now it worked 2 year never again used salty watter worked perfect til winter after winter start 2 secs.
Sell all together 3000euro vith original box.
Sell only battery jets or anything other , jets are never type replaced by onean vhen it broke.
1 Battery like new used some 50times other at end has some 0.5volt less used 70times and leds not all work. Sell the batteries for 2000euro together or 1300euro beter 1200euro other .
Or make some offers me got borred anyway have jetsurf petrol board.
Also started kitesurfing and rerely used that board anyway.

Atached photos

the board bottom repainted more smooth then original got it to 49kmh vhen had 95kg
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Still have one battery to sell in good condition vith charger.
Sell cheap 500euro vith charger.
Baterry located in Slovenia.