Onean Carver X / Twin / Manta Batteries for sale

Hi there guys, I have Onean parts for sale. My board just froze up on me. But I have two batteries, a controller, and a charger for sale. All working order. Happy to send videos to you, ping me with your email and let me know what your interested in and I’ll get back to you cheers!
~ Leighton

Good evening from Serifos (island in the Cyclades, Greece).
Yes, I would be interested in buying one or even both batteries. I would like a new photo of them while you charge them and what price you are selling them for.
Thank you very much.

Hey there Andrea. Here’s a link to a google photo album with images and videos of the batteries charging. I have a few other guys that reached out as well. I’ll sell them to who ever responds first. Send over your email and we can pick it up from there. Note I’m in the states so you will need to cover shipping as well but I can help find someone here that can ship it to you.



Hello again. My email
Thank you.

Anybody still selling used Onean battery? Because Onean went bankrupt and there is a fire sale of the boards on, maybe also somebody got lucky and found a place selling new batteries?