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Onean Review on E-Surfer

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Please share your findings, if you had a chance to ride an Onean …


I am 85 kg and tried the Onean Carver. I was definitely ways below 24 km/h without wind or waves. I would only recommend this board for light riders below 80 kg.

Looking forward to the new models …

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Carver has poor center of gravity position when using foot straps. Carver is too heavy on the butt. Foots straps in a preset position are inapplicable because surfing incredibly slows when the center of gravity is transferred backwards. I solved this by attaching another EVA foam to the surfboard, which reaches up to the bluetooth indicator to not slip the surface of the surfboard. Rider 74kg with foot straps rides only 14km/h, and when he moves forward by 30cm, then he rides at an average speed of 22km/h.

I was riding Carver always without straps, not sure if there is any need for straps? The board is very big and stable. In my opinion straps are only needed for fast rapid turns like on jetsurf race. Even jetsurf ultrasport has no straps. The new Carver x offers only 1 straps as far as i understand because of the position of 2 batteries.