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Oukai Elektro-Hydrofoil - eFoil Surfboard

Did anyone hear about the Oukai eFoil before? May be a China white label?

According to the dealer Oukai is known for inflatable SUPs.

One hour riding time and max speed of 35 km/h. 42 Ah lithium ion battery.

6,999 EUT incl. German VAT.

Not much further info on the website.

If this is their best marketing foto i would worry a lot about quality

Look at this… even fotoshoped improved version looks like a low quality

Seems it’s Berlin, maybe Andreas will check them!

Looks like a Hisun, known for being a massive piece of junk. The remote looks like something you’d use to control a garage door:

A friend of a friend of mine bought one. It was broken after 2 weeks he said. He never got any replacement, but after long discussions he at least got his money back.

Cheap China stuff - stay away!