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Our first Motosurf World Cup Race & Tips from Martin Šula Jetsurf CEO

This is happening!!! Today our brand new team “Jetboard limited” (Mike, Jeff Scott, Daniel and Nuria) led by the captain Wayne Brooks is joining Motosurf World Cup FIDSM in the epic race in Brno in the heart of Czech Republic, the place where the Jetsurf board is actually produced.

This was once in a lifetime opportunity for me to taste a REAL professional sport, all the ups and downs, everything we lived for! We were riding alongside with the professional racers such as Lukas Zahorsky, Jakub Kornfeil and Sebastian Kubinec. You will also learn the tips and tricks from the world champions Aneta Sacherova and Martina Bravencova as well as the legendary Dana Lundquist from Jetsurf USA.

The top racer Nikolas Blaha is sharing his tips on how to customize your board to make it faster. Finally we had a unique opportunity to personally meet the big boss, Martin Šula Jetsurf CEO who was kind to share his tips and his vision with us!

Nice job.

Will you do it again?

Thank you! Me personally no, I am a recreational jetsurfer, not a racer material. I enjoy riding for fun and not competing. For me it was once in a lifetime opportunity to get a taste of REAL race and NOT get the last place. So i achieved all my goals!

However Jeff and Daniel will perform again. Jeff already took part in UK race!

The racing life is pretty hard and expensive as well. It takes a lot of time and effort and money to travel around the world with your board for weeks.