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Performance Kit Onean Carver

Onean redesigned their impeller into a three blade system (previously four) and a re-defined and reinforced the stator/nozzle. The benefits are claimed as follows:

  • +50% acceleration between 0-30 km/h in traditional Carver and Carver Twin .
  • Increase +10% top speed
  • Reaches planing 40% sooner
  • More robust and durable
  • Less noise

Seems to be only for the original Carver (275 EUR) and the Carver Twin (495 EUR). But not for Carver X?

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It is very expensive (with VAT and transport approx. ~ 700 EUR) and so it pays off only if the stator is destroyed by the ingress of dirt. This season I am going to test the protective grid on the suction side of the nozzles, which is to prevent larger dirt from entering the nozzles. We’ll see how it slows down the surf. If it is not very significant, then in the case of, for example, infested leaves on the surface after the wind or flushed branches after raising the level on the dam reservoirs, it will probably pay off.

This is what the grid prototype looks like:

Looks great, @CarverRider . If somebody ist testing the Onean performance kit, please share your findings.