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Petrol powered or electric surfboard?

What are your thoughts about petrol powered surfboards versus electric ones?

Which would you choose and why?

Thanks in advance!

Hi J,

My view is following:

1. petrol powered surfboards


  • in the market since a decade and therefore robust
  • light weight, but very powerful
  • agressive manœuvres
  • easy to extend the range (just fill up the fuel)


  • loud and not good for the environment (emissions, oil, etc.)
  • difficult to ride for beginners

2. electric surfboards


  • emissionfree and not so loud compared to petrol powered boards
  • lots of choices will be available soon: From SUP, different boards to Hydrofoils


  • still very expensive (mainly because of batteries), but will become better over time
  • range is still a problem (second battery is expensive)
  • very heavy (again due to the batterie)

My guess is that the petrol powered boards will be still around for a few years, but will ultimately be replaced by electric boards.

I personally use already an electric surfboard, but enjoy to rent sometimes a petrol powered jetboard.




I have been doing research and development for enhancing the efficiency of propellers for many years. Nowadays I know everything about propeller hydrodynamics, I can design a propeller for each craft and for each drive.

But for e-surfers, unfortunately, you can not get a highly efficient propeller because it is not produced anywhere.

And that’s actually the only obstacle to more e-surfing.