Power Boards preview

They are selling since 2013 and offer shipping times of 4-6 weeks, but check for international shipping and taxes:


Seems to be expensive for an E-SUP :disappointed:

Indeed. More expensive than any of the other E-SUPs:


The website looks also very old school. Time for a refresh I would guess.

5600 for a sup? wow! no wonder not many people heard of it. Jetson is 2 times cheaper for example
https://www.jetson.es/index.php/producto/marlin-9-5/ there is also supjet even cheaper but it’s pretty slow.

Our products are slightly more expensive as we only believe in using high quality components that are built to last. We have European industrial motors, not cheap motors from elsewhere. Our products have been on the market since 2013 and customers still let us know how much they are enjoying their product after 4 years.

$5 600 AUD not euro. Sure there are cheaper products out there especially now electric surf products are becoming more popular and more and more people are trying to develop them, however you get what you pay for. Our products are tried and tested and have been around for years. We have built our products to last, to be robust, reliable and responsive. We don’t want product returns so we only use high quality components.

Thank you for reply and good luck! It’s nice to see long lasting business! I agree you really need to update the website though…

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Totally agree with your comments about our website, though it hasn’t hurt sales to this point. Our main goal as a manufacturer is to focus solely on making sure our clients get a high quality product at all times. We will take these comments on board and look to update in the near future.