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Powerski Jetboard

After you guys didn’t recommend the Surftek powered surfboards - #2 by Avata I guess this one is even worse:

The website looks like from the 80s :joy:

In fact the press releases stopped in 2013. Anyways I found this funny :smile:



Yes, the website looks very outdated, but if you look at the video below it seems they started to develop it 30 years ago. That’s kind of impressive …

It’s a great historical board, it is also the fastest one and the heaviest one (90kg i think).
It used to be popular 20-30 years ago and Bob was a legend of the industry.

The board engine was also used in the kayak to set the world record of the fasest kayak riding in Arctic or something, it was done for top gear tv show

However something went wrong later…

I think the main problem was that they were always breaking. I saw many stories of people receiving them and could not even start and got no servicing or help later.

With introduction of Jetsurf in 2012 it became clear that the racers need a fast BUT lightweight board that is just 20kg not 90kg. It’s much more important for racers to have a light board that can do rapid turns and mauevs rather than 90kg jetski…

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