Pulseer eFoil - oh no

Pulseer eFoil

Looks like Chinese ripoff of a baby born by mixing Hydroflyer and Liftfoils…

More info https://www.pulseersport.com.cn/

The level of understanding watersports can be seen in this ridicilous foto where they fotoshopped efoil into the surfboard without a single idea what efoil is

They did also steal at least one picture from the E-Surfer website:

What I find really concerning is that the website is well made. This could lead quite a few people who don’t know the industry to buy from them.

While “scam” is a too strong of a word, I would recommend to be careful with companies like these. There are too many red flags:

  1. The company is obviously chinese, on a chinese domain but trying to disguise as USA.

  2. “Pulseer, from California, USA, is an international company integrating high-end water sports equipment. As a global leader in high-end E-Foi” lol… This is a joke. It’s a no name company that nobody heard of. A global leader? They have 3 subscribers on youtuber.

  3. The website is well made but all the artwork is 3d renders. I could not find a single real foto of the products

  4. The youtube channel with 3 subscribers does have some video of someone barely standing up, it’s really pathetic to promote a product with people who cant even ride an efoil, it speaks a lot about the company and the product
    American MAIAMI PULSREER eFoil Experience Vlog - YouTube

  5. The hydroflier handlebar idea was stolen from the company Hydroflyer that we tested last season

  6. A lot of images are either photoshopped by people who have no clue about what efoling is or just stolen from e-surfer…

  7. Iphone attachment lol? It clearly shows the desiger never tried any efoil and has no clue what they are doing.

Bottom line - avoid.

There are many other red flags there as well… So called “Californian” company (which posts address in Texas) does not speak English very well and calls this " E-FOILINGS lol… WTF is E-FOILINGS??

Also many parts of the Text (and design of the board and remote) are just rip off of the LIFT:

they even forgot to remove Lift from some of the texts:

Other parts are just rip off from Fliteboard (so called E-FOILING | E-ULTRA/U1) and then the text just stolen from Fliteboard website probably…

Complete joke. Avoid.

Did anyone see a “real” board from them or real photo so far?

Nobody saw it. But there are couple of videos on instagram PULSEER E-FOIL on Instagram: "Fishing or surfing? How about do it both at the same time? 🏄💦🐟Check our efoil rider living his best life with the best Pulseer efoil board! #pulseer #pulseerefoil #pulseersport #efoil #efoilrider #efoilriders #efoiling #efoils #efoiler #efoilboard #foilboard #watersports #electrichydrofoil #electricsurfboard #flyabovewater #fishing #advanture #loyaltothefoil"
The shape and colors look like they were “inspired” by Audi efoil

You guys are too skeptical. I’d buy buy one if it a coffee cup holder on the control tower.


The one guy makes it a habit to bad-mouth new companies :woman_shrugging: kind of annoying

Do you really use it? Or can you say some weakness of its function? Maybe you should be friendly to a new brand. It seems nothing problem about design in America and produce in China.

the detachable Handlebar is just for the novice, you can remove it if possible.

if you are interested in the Pulseer efoil board, we can send one to you to have the test. If there really have problem, we are more than willing to accept your opinion.

are you guys talking to me? I don’t really care and I welcome all the brands. Instead of wasting time on posting on forums and emailing, just hire a professional marketer, fix your website to get rid of from stolen texts and fake fotos and false claims like if it’s from california lol, and build a brand based on honesty ! good luck!