Pulseer eFoil - oh no

Pulseer eFoil

Looks like Chinese ripoff of a baby born by mixing Hydroflyer and Liftfoils…

More info https://www.pulseersport.com.cn/

The level of understanding watersports can be seen in this ridicilous foto where they fotoshopped efoil into the surfboard without a single idea what efoil is

They did also steal at least one picture from the E-Surfer website:

What I find really concerning is that the website is well made. This could lead quite a few people who don’t know the industry to buy from them.

While “scam” is a too strong of a word, I would recommend to be careful with companies like these. There are too many red flags:

  1. The company is obviously chinese, on a chinese domain but trying to disguise as USA.

  2. “Pulseer, from California, USA, is an international company integrating high-end water sports equipment. As a global leader in high-end E-Foi” lol… This is a joke. It’s a no name company that nobody heard of. A global leader? They have 3 subscribers on youtuber.

  3. The website is well made but all the artwork is 3d renders. I could not find a single real foto of the products

  4. The youtube channel with 3 subscribers does have some video of someone barely standing up, it’s really pathetic to promote a product with people who cant even ride an efoil, it speaks a lot about the company and the product
    American MAIAMI PULSREER eFoil Experience Vlog - YouTube

  5. The hydroflier handlebar idea was stolen from the company Hydroflyer that we tested last season

  6. A lot of images are either photoshopped by people who have no clue about what efoling is or just stolen from e-surfer…

  7. Iphone attachment lol? It clearly shows the desiger never tried any efoil and has no clue what they are doing.

Bottom line - avoid.

There are many other red flags there as well… So called “Californian” company (which posts address in Texas) does not speak English very well and calls this " E-FOILINGS lol… WTF is E-FOILINGS??

Also many parts of the Text (and design of the board and remote) are just rip off of the LIFT:

they even forgot to remove Lift from some of the texts:

Other parts are just rip off from Fliteboard (so called E-FOILING | E-ULTRA/U1) and then the text just stolen from Fliteboard website probably…

Complete joke. Avoid.

Did anyone see a “real” board from them or real photo so far?

Nobody saw it. But there are couple of videos on instagram PULSEER E-FOIL on Instagram: "Fishing or surfing? How about do it both at the same time? 🏄💦🐟Check our efoil rider living his best life with the best Pulseer efoil board! #pulseer #pulseerefoil #pulseersport #efoil #efoilrider #efoilriders #efoiling #efoils #efoiler #efoilboard #foilboard #watersports #electrichydrofoil #electricsurfboard #flyabovewater #fishing #advanture #loyaltothefoil"
The shape and colors look like they were “inspired” by Audi efoil

You guys are too skeptical. I’d buy buy one if it a coffee cup holder on the control tower.