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PWR efoil boards

Does anyone have info on PWR efoils Looks like they have plenty of experience building boards at least.

I like the system of undermounting the electrics for cooling.
Mast to board coupling looks robuste too. 80cm mast.
New lineup are very well priced and pretty lookin too.

Seems like a great board - we did an interview with Chris, the creator of PWR recently on our channel.

They are just starting out in efoils so not many users around yet…

Thanks Jet
Yes I saw the interview and his French version.
Very helpful and informative.
Pity we have travel restrictions or I would go for a look
at that one and the Takuma.

It seems PWR team is choosing good technical solutions. I really like the leash cut off for MOB that adds an additional layer of safety. Just think about Waydoo failure reports of their engine not turning of a few times when rider felt into the water. I could not have appended with a leash cutoff.
Anyway, has anyone tried PWR-Foil yet?

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I am home test them next Friday I will let you know :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi did you had the chance of testing the PWR boards ? Any review ? :slight_smile:
Thanks !

Do they really deliver already?

I’ve ordered a PWR board early February but it has not been delivered yet. That was expected anyway. They are now shipping orders from january.

Hey guys,
I also ordered a PWR Foil in February and Chris (owner of PWR Foil) told me that they will ship the order end of march. I am really stoked to try it and hope it will be as fun as it looks. For me the 10k+ is just insane, but I understand that this stuff is expensive.
I looked through a lot of “cheap” hydrofoil brands and for me the PWR gives me the best feeling. All interviews I saw with the owner made me feel confident that this product is well engineered and tested. Also the idea of starting in europe only for good aftermarket service is a good move in my opinion.
@Jetsurfingnation thanks for the interview you uploaded a few weeks ago! Did you had the chance to actually ride a pwr foil?
However I will let you know as soon as I tried it. Just got a new wetsuit for the freezing temperatures in German waters.

Thank you Jones. No I have not tried it myself, as you mentioned they are not shipping yet but from my interview it looks like Chris is very experienced developer

Yeah I got something mixed up here, wanted to try it in france according to his post. Is there any news?
On the website they changed the delivery date for new orders to end of april.

Hi Guys ! Really sorry ! time has passed and I did not yet try it ! We missed the first opportunity to test it due to the weather. And last time I contacted Chris and I did not get any answer…
If it happens I will let you know.
Have you seen that Takuma as down its price at 5890 € for Cruiser model with 2021 improvement ?
It worth it !

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Hey! I had some hard time with communication via mail (several questions askes, only partly answered), but when I called him everything was nice and easy. I don’t know about Takuma, probably the safer version, but I like the idea of Chris to install everything from one side and that they do kind of regional production.
Looks like they updated their website and are selling a long range battery and new foils! They look pretty nice and also they have added more sizes. I can’t tell why there is a cost difference between the foils as there is not a lot information about the technical data yet.
Another thing that bothers me is that in the Videos you can see a black mast with updated wings and some changes, but the website shows a silver mast, what might be the old or new version?

Hey Mcap, did you already get your Foil?
When was your estimated shipping date?

Jones , my delivery date was supposed to be mid March. They are now committing to ship it to me within a week time.

I will get mine in June (estimated shipping date). Will write an review as soon as possible.

Thanks for the updates. Mine was originally estimated end of march. Now they say probably end of may, but not 100% sure. Let’s hope they can make end of may.

It could be interesting to compare the new PWD-Foil with the TAKUMA CARVER 2021. Same price but which one worth?

Unfortunatly delivery date is now postponed from June to mid july.


On there website they still sell it with delivery for end of June :roll_eyes:
My board is also late as they have delivery issues for electrical components. Last estimation was end of may, or start of June. I hope the thing is worth the waiting.