Pwrfoil electric hydrofoil

An e-foils from France?

Interesting how many people do efoil but none except flite and lift are actually selling… It’s a huge difference between making a working prototype and making a successful business mass selling unfortunately I think 99% of efoils will never be mass produced

30-35km/h with slow foil
Delivery April/May
5499 Euro

New EFOIL PWRFoil Redwoodpaddle | LIVE DEMO | Ask Me Anything Show

Electric hydrofoils are taking over the world and today in our “ask me
anything” show we have CHRIS Defrance from Redwoodpaddle France who is presenting a new efoil called PWR-foil!

00:00 Welcome Chris Defrance (Redwoodpaddle ) to PWR-foil interview
00:20 How did you get started in efoils?
01:13 The efoil made in FRANCE?
02:10 3D invisible version?
02:20 LIVE Demonstration of the boards
02:40 How does efoil work? Easy to install?
03:20 The water cooling system? Closed circuit cooling?
03:50 5 Wings, 5 board sizes?
04:00 Live DEMO of Efoil ?
03:30 What about propeller protection ring?
04:40 New security magnet on efoils?
05:40 Maytech remote control? Pros and cons?
06:50 New remote in future? Bigger screen?
07:10 What sizes of the boards do you offer? Inflatable?
07:30 Which board is better to get started?
08:00 What wings do you have?
08:30 What makes PWR efoil different?
09:40 You can customize and change the boards for same efoil
10:40 Security and warranty is very important
11:03 New foldable propeller
11:30 What is the riding time? Up to 2 hours?
11:59 LIVE demo of the battery
13:00 How SAFE is the battery?
14:30 How is delivery time? After covid19 - new factory soon?
15:59 New models are coming? Inflatables? Carbon version?
16:30 What does PWR stand for? Redwoodpaddle?

does anybody has any experience with PWR Efoil? Looks like they have a really good price…

The PWRfoil team did visit us in March 2022. It took us long to edit the video, but here we are:

Thank you! Very detailed demo, it was probably too cold to ride it in March? I am surprised how they put the battery to water, it’s shocking… But at the same time basically in most jetboards like awake , js electric etc battery always gets in contact with water directly as well, so i guess not a big deal? Still scary after we saw battery fires last week on facebook from other brands.

I tested it as well and will prepare the video soon. nice board and great for the price for entry to the efoiling markets!

We did ride the boards in March. See drone videos. But it was too cold for in depth riding tests :wink:

PWR-FOIL Efoil V3 Review

Today we are meeting Manuel to test the new version of PWR-Foil. The new version 3 of the PWR-Foil developed by Chris Defrance in France. Engineering and assembly 100% made in France, up to 2 hours of autonomy, absolute safety, up to 60 km/h! Available in 5 sizes and 4 variations, custom on request.

Nice one! You did wear a T-Shirt. I had to wear a 5 mm wetsuit in March :wink:

yes but that is in Spain… I dont have a luxury of riding without wetsuits in portugal