Quanly D65L165 BLDC Electric Sensorless IP68 Waterproof 6000W Inrunner Brushless Motor Ejetboards Esurfboard Lift Efoil Hydrofoils Waterbike Boat with Propeller

1.D65 rotor is designed with segmented and staggered magnets, The segmented design reduces eddy currents in the magnets, thus making the rotor generate less heat, and the staggered magnets design allows the motor to have bigger starting torque,smooth start,smaller vibration and less torque fluctuation.
2.High quality ball bearings ,very low noise and vibration.
3.The rotor has good dynamic balance and the vibration of the motor is very low .
4.The magnets have very high magnetic strength and temperature limit can reach up to 150° .
5.H-grade ,high temperature copper wires with high insulation .
6.High power density, high torque,high efficiency and high RPM .
7.Water-proof grad IP8 .
8.Water cooling feature .
9.The case is made of light,high strength 7075 alloy with blaster and black anodizing to prevent it from oxidation and corrosion
10.The project has designed three versions for different applications, there are water-proof feature, water-cooling feature or water-proof and water cooling combined .